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Trendy buzzwords and lofty promises only go so far. What really matters is the work an agency creates, and how it performs in the marketplace. After 20 plus years in the advertising and marketing business, chances are we’ve successfully delivered the solutions your business needs to succeed. Browse our featured work and see for yourself how we solve tough marketing challenges with creative that sells.

SeaVee Boats

This Miami based sport fishing boat manufacturer has been working with Green Dot exclusively since 2003 to deliver an award-winning brand experience across multiple touch points. From the photography and videos, to the website, trade show display, print ads and sales collateral, the advertising for SeaVee Boats really leads the way.

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Pilixo is a cloud-based enterprise software provider focused on workspace security. With lead generation as the primary objective, Green Dot created a website and multimedia presentation specifically designed to support a digital marketing campaign aimed at producing leads for the sales team.

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Blackberry Latin America

Blackberry sales reps travel internationally to meet with wireless carriers about new product activations. They needed a way to leave behind the devices and accessories they demo for carrier executives. Green Dot designed and engineered a custom packaging solution.

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