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If you sell products at retail, you already know that product packaging design can be the difference between success and failure. The best packaging designers know how to create product packaging that jumps off the shelf and inspires buyers to engage.

Green Dot is a packaging design company located in Miami that has a talented staff of packaging designers with over 20 years of experience. Our packaging design services encompass everything from engineering the container itself to photography, graphic design, samples and proofs, as well as production of the final digital artwork.

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Packaging Design Best Practices

The most important aspect of good packaging design is to ensure the product and primary benefit are featured on the front of the packaging. That means resisting the temptation to try and communicate too much information on the package face.

If the front panel of your product packaging inspires potential buyers to pick it up, you’re more than halfway to a sale. Whenever possible, show the actual product using a window or cut out allow the buyer to see what’s inside.

Another aspect that really helps drive sales is to have a unique shape or unorthodox container that grabs attention. When a potential buyer notices a novel container they are more likely to pick it up. Great packaging design has at least two of these three characteristics: unique, sexy and / or stunning. If your product packaging has all three, that’s ideal.

Product Packaging Design for Food

Green Dot has been offering packaging design services for food items for over 20 years. We’ve worked on everything from nutritional supplements to seafood, rice and more.

During that time, we’ve learned that food products are best displayed on the product packaging cooked and ready to serve. It’s important that the buyer can picture themselves enjoying the product without thinking about how much work it will be to prepare.

When it comes to selecting props like table cloths or cutting boards. Keep it simple, clean and ensure that your product is the star of the packaging design.

Finally, great food photography is paramount when it comes to a winning package design for a food product.  The packaging designers job will be much easier if the food photography makes your mouth water and stops buyers in their tracks.

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