Russell Raymer VP Technology

With a finger on the pulse of technology, I track and adapt emerging trends to create user-friendly, design-centric and brand-focused interfaces/websites/projects.


Russell is highly experienced in designing and programming complex interactive multimedia experiences and websites. He has worked for Green Dot Advertising since 1999 and brings his problem-solving and innovative thinking to the team. Russell’s formal education in art combined with an early childhood interest of computer programming naturally blends his talents into the world of advanced multimedia programming.

During his tenure at Green Dot, Russell has also created user interfaces for several web-based software applications, e-commerce websites and content management systems. His ability to integrate and customize powerful third-party solutions makes him invaluable when it comes giving clients the functionality they need.

Russell was born and raised in Michigan and moved to Florida in the mid-90’s. He worked at the Green Dot HQ in Miami from 1999 – 2013. Russell now lives in San Antonio, Texas, and remains an integral part of the core team.

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