Mario Behr Chief Creative Officer

I personally work with every client and touch every project. The quality of our work and the results we produce for our clients is my primary focus. At Green Dot, good enough simply isn’t.


Mario is an insightful, award-winning Creative Director gifted with a keen understanding of business principles including Finance and Capital Markets.

His rare combination of creative talent and business acumen amplify his ability to solve tough marketing challenges. With his more than 25 years of experience developing marketing communications, it’s no surprise Mario can help clients tap into the hearts and minds of consumers while staying focused on the bottom line results the agency’s campaigns produce.

Mario routinely contributes marketing strategy, creative direction, copywriting and video production services to a variety of client projects.

A native of Germany, he is fluent in German and English. Mario has earned a degree in Graphic Design from International Fine Arts College, and a Bachelors in Communications from St. Thomas University. He has called Miami home since 1990 and loves spending time offshore.

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