Anthony Bonnet Video Producer

I’m passionate about everything that involves video production. From pre-production and shooting, to character animation, post production, motion graphics and audio editing – I like doing all of it. If it involves storytelling, I’m game!


Anthony Bonnet is a seasoned video professional who routinely contributes to Green Dot projects in a variety of ways. Anthony has worked for some of the premier video production and content producers worldwide, including Discovery Networks, MTV and Sony Latin America.

Green Dot calls on Anthony regularly to help plan, produce and shoot video projects for a variety of clients. The added value he contributes as a result of his post production skills is priceless, as Anthony can anticipate issues and address them in the field during the shoot.

In the studio, Anthony’s expertise is easy to recognize. He has mastered After Effects, Premier Pro, Zbrush, Autodesk Maya just to name a few. He also has extensive experience working with green screen and video keying, as well as other special effects and color grading techniques.

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