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Media Placement & Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning lets you know where you want your company to be next year - and five years from now. Finding the right group of people to help get you there is not always easy and absolutely essential for success.

We'll get to know you and your way of doing business. Starting at the beginning, we want to know the whole story; from how you first reach a potential customer, to the way you close a sale. The more we know about you, your customers, your competition and your culture, the more effectively we can determine the best media placement and design advertising solutions that fit like a glove.

Every advertising project is custom designed and strategically planned for each client's individual needs. Everything we do is high-end, original and created from scratch. If previously published material is used, permission and a license is always obtained.

Green Dot will expertly Choose the Most Appropriate Media Placements.

You may think the only way to get your company on television or in the papers is to have news to report. This is only partially true, since almost anything can be news. It is actually just a matter of the angle you use. Be creative. Realize that your product or service is not the only thing that may be newsworthy. How about the way your company is structured, or the way you manage your people? When you really think about it, you can probably come up with a dozen news stories about your product, service or organization.

Further, media attention is very important for a well rounded campaign. Every campaign, no matter what the budget, should take advantage of free and credible media attention. All you have to do is send press releases to local and national magazines, newspapers and television stations on a regular basis.

The influence of media attention on your customer is tremendous. Have you ever noticed that after reading about a company in the paper, you suddenly start to notice it on billboards, ads and the radio? That is because we listen to the news with less bias than we read ads. In this state of mind, we are primed to receive new information.

Media Placement and Advertising services from Green Dot:

Exceptional Strategic media plan services!

Also, proper media placement creates the impression that your company is everywhere, and companies that stay in the spotlight get more free exposure. Of course, there is a down side too. If you are in the spotlight, you will be open game for criticism. You know those media folks - they are always looking for a good controversy or ax to grind.

Premium placement in a magazine or on television is an important ingredient in the success of your advertising campaign. If you thought only large ad agencies get good placement, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We have cultivated relationships with media vendors of all kinds. From outdoor advertisers and publications to cable operators and internet marketing resources, your ads will get front and center placement, if you so desire.

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