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The average inbox contains seventy unread emails, the majority of which are promotional. That’s a lot of competition for a reader’s attention. At Green Dot we help clients put together email marketing campaigns that achieve above average open and click-through rates.

From promotional emails to automated campaigns with complex workflows, Green Dot offers email marketing services in Miami that produce results all around the world.

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Promotional and Transactional Emails

Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, online shop or some other business, there will come a time when you want to send an email promoting something: a new product, limited time sale, new location or any number of exciting events.

Green Dot offers email marketing services to help, including:

  • List management
  • Design and development
  • Reporting and optimization
  • Workflow mapping and decision tree charts

If you run an online shop Green Dot can also assist with setting up branded transactional emails that integrate with your e-commerce platform. We can also set up shopping cart abandonment email campaigns to re-capture sales from people who leave your online shop without making a purchase on the first visit!

Automated Campaigns for Staying Top of Mind

Email marketing automation often requires workflows and logic trees to be used effectively.

Automated campaigns like this are critical to the B2B sales cycle. For setup they require the skillset of a technical marketer who can work closely with the creative director to craft messaging that is relevant to the target audience. At Green Dot our team leverages their collective experience with a wide variety of email platforms from MailChimp to ExactTarget and HubSpot to boost your sales and lead generation campaigns.

Whether you need a basic automated campaign to help onboard new customers or you’re looking for advanced email marketing services to nurture prospects through a long sales cycle, we are at the top of the list when it comes to email marketing companies in Miami (and around the country) that consistently deliver outstanding results.

Contact us today to learn more about how our email marketing services can move the needle for your business.

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Contact us to talk about a customized marketing solution.

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