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Great content can stand on its own, but in today’s competitive marketing landscape it needs to do more than that. Content must be developed to support your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. It should be used in a wide variety of channels from social media, SEO and PPC campaigns to public relations efforts and trade shows.

Green Dot has a team of designers and marketers in Miami who work closely together to ensure content is both eye-catching and conversion-oriented.

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Move Buyers Through the Sales Cycle with Content

Depending on the complexity of a company’s product or service customers may move through the sales cycle at different speeds. At Green Dot we understand each client will need varying amounts of content to support their sales process and we work together to come up a plan that achieves measurable results.

The type of content needed will vary depending on the target audience, their preferred method of consumption and the stage within the sales cycle the content will be distributed.

Here are just a few types of content we create:
  • Research reports
  • White papers, eBooks, pricing guides
  • Visual content
  • Apps
  • Videos
  • Blogs

Content Delivery, Promotion and Analysis

Content marketing is part content and part marketing. This means once content is created there must be a plan to promote it to the intended audience.

The digital marketing strategists at Green Dot advise each client on the best method of distribution based on content type and step within the sales cycle that it will be delivered.

For example, blog posts may be delivered through social media updates whereas white papers and eBooks may be best promoted through PPC ads or email nurture campaigns.

Finally, Green Dot is a content marketing agency in Miami that prides itself on analyzing and optimizing content marketing campaigns for the best results.

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