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We always have an eye out for talent. If you have exceptional skills in design, copywriting, client services, media production, or marketing, and you’re interested in working with a fast growing advertising and marketing company, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to email your resume and tell us in the subject line which position you’re interested in. No phone calls please!


We’re always looking to grow our pool of freelance resources. We only work with the best and most talented people. To be considered, you must be available during regular business hours and have your own clients in the industry.


Do you have big ideas that sell? Can you make a case for a buffalo to wear a blanket? If you write for a living, have experience working in advertising, and have specialized knowledge of specific industries, you’re what we’re looking for.

We’re also looking for multi-lingual writers and experts with extensive experience writing for the web, including websites, social media, blogs and SEO.


Do you have a knack for code? If you have experience working in advertising or with a software development company, and you’re good with interactivity or you can build custom and engaging web applications, mobile applications, or games, we want to hear from you.

Video Production

Are you a producer, shooter, editor or animator? If you’re experienced with with digital video, motion graphics, 3-D modeling and animation or have your own camera gear and like to work on set let us know so we can keep you in mind for our next video project.

Core Team

We are a fast growing advertising and marketing firm looking for outstanding talent. Responsibilities are many and to be considered for a full-time position we require a high degree of proficiency in your craft. If you’re looking for a career in a fast paced, dynamic environment, get in touch.

Account Executive

We are looking for an A/E that knows how to keep projects moving and clients happy. A minimum of 2 years agency experience and a bachelors degree In Advertising, Marketing, Business or Communications is required. You also have to be well organized and detail oriented, with excellent customer service and writing skills.

Preferably, you speak English, plus another language. Your own reliable car and a professional wardrobe are required.

Web Designer

Are you a talented web designer that understands advertising and marketing? To be considered, you must display a mastery of Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. Experience with motion graphics, video and audio production is a big plus. We design and produce all our own work, so a minimum of 3 years experience and the ability to hand code CSS, html, and some JavaScript are required.

Web Marketer

Can you spread the word and drive targeted traffic? To join our team, you must have at least 2 years of experience running SEM, SEO and email campaigns. You must also have a strong analytics background and demonstrate past success. Experience running campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing is required.

We’re always looking for candidates with specialized knowledge of SEO, link building, Adwords, email and banners.


Want to get your foot in the door? Here’s your chance. We’re always looking for Inters who want to learn. You must be majoring in Advertising, Marketing or Communications. If you’re interested in the creative side, maybe you’ve already done some freelance work, or attended a finishing school like Miami Ad School.

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