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The time that you have with your audience is short. Make it count! Working with a top Miami branding services and logo design company can make all the difference Whether marketing a consumer brand, or targeting other businesses, a clearly defined brand drives sales and adds value. Engaging a top Miami branding company ensures your brand will set the stage for success!

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Your Logo is Just the Beginning

Company branding involves much more than logo design. The key to creating a memorable brand that can be deployed consistently is clearly defining the brand’s values, and thinking through the various brand touch points.

Top branding companies will show you the brand in action. That means exploring the brand’s look and voice on the web, on the product packaging, in the ads, on the trade show display as well as on the brochure and sales collateral before you have to make any final decisions.

Green Dot is a top Miami branding company with over 20 years experience working in a variety of industries. Our branding services include logo design and crafting a voice for your brand that appeals to your target audience across multiple channels. Most importantly, we take the time to explore the logo design and brand ID thoroughly, empowering clients to make good decisions about their brand positioning.

How to Brand a Company for Success

Brands are powerful because they allow for association. Once established, consumers can instantly recognize your product or service and what it stands for. Luxury. Value. Quality. Dependability. Performance.

After the brand values and positioning are defined, we go to work on the logo design, web design, packaging design and ad creative to develop touch points for client review.

As a top Miami branding company, Green Dot emphasises the importance of properly defining the values of your brand ahead of everything else. We ask the tough questions and ensure the brand positioning is distinct and relevant.

We look at competitors and market trends. Then we get feedback via focus groups or online surveys to confirm that the brand positioning is clear and resonates with the target audience.

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