Brand Awareness Case Study: PureLife 4Pets

The Company:

PureLife 4PETS by Vetimed is an all natural pet supplement manufacturer. The company has an ever growing product line that is sold in premium pet stores along the east coast and in the midwest.

The parent company, Vetimed, has been brokering active ingredients for pet supplements between the U.S., Latin America and Europe since 2000. After extensively trading high-quality raw materials, Vetimed began the development of its own formulas which resulted in the PureLife 4PETS brand.

The Challenge:

PureLife 4PETS contacted Green Dot Advertising to help them launch the pet supplement brand in February of 2013. The PureLife 4PETS name and products were completely unknown at this time. Their team required a strategy to help penetrate the market and introduce the brand to pet parents looking for a premium pet supplement.

A major challenge Green Dot faced in launching the PureLife 4PETS brand was strong competition in the market with already established industry leaders.

The team needed a strong brand awareness campaign to ensure that consumers felt comfortable trusting and choosing the PureLife 4PETS products over other brands when shopping in their local pet store.

The Solution:

Green Dot conducted a competitive analysis and determined the most cost-effective and quickest way to penetrate the marketplace was to run a strong social media and content marketing campaign.

Green Dot chiefly used: Facebook, Facebook Ads, blogging and email marketing to reach consumers, establish trust and develop brand affinity.

The Results:

Green Dot launched the branding campaign in February 2013 with a primary focus on reaching pet parents in the states that the company had products in-store.

The Facebook Page saw quarter-over-quarter growth from the time it launched.

PureLife 4PETS Community Growth Chart

In addition to the brand awareness that the Facebook campaign generated, the Facebook Page helped build brand affinity and market penetration.

In a competitive comparison you can see that the PureLife 4PETS brand eventually reached a larger size than even their most established competitors.

PureLife 4PETS Community Growth Chart

More importantly, however, was the strong engagement that the brand saw on Facebook as compared to their competitors.

Brand Engagement Comparison Chart

This engagement helped them build trust and sell products in-store.

Store Locator Conversion Chart

The trust was further built by establishing the PureLife 4PETS brand as an authority through the PureLife 4PETS blog and monthly email newsletter.

PureLife 4PETS Blog

The email newsletter saw tremendous results and helped PureLife 4PETS stay top of mind with their consumers.

PureLife 4PETS Newsletter Stats

This integrated approach to growing brand awareness and in-store product sales helped the PureLife 4PETS brand establish itself with consumers within its target market.

Pet Supply Research and Stats

Using these same channels, PureLife 4PETS is now well equipped to begin expanding outside of its core target audience to begin targeting the Millennial generation. Research shows that this younger generation has an affinity for all natural products, and because they are having children later in life, are spending more on their pets.

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