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Banner ad design requires experience in advertising and design for the Internet. Creating a successful banner ad takes market research, media research and most of all, a great idea to persuade the customer to click on your banner ad. Between 7% and 12% of the total time internet users spend on web pages is spent viewing ads.

We design banner advertising that achieve your marketing goals. Before ever sketching the first layout of your banner ad, we investigate the competitions strategy and their banner ads. We find the right mix of sites on which to run your banner ad campaign, targeting your customers by their social preferences.

Green Dot creates innovative banner advertising & design for your website and marketing campaign.

Then we use all of this data to design your banner advertising campaign from the ground up. Our banner ad designers are experts at creating advertising for the web. They understand how to design banner ads that are consistent with your overall advertising message, yet take advantage of what the interactivity the web has to offer.

Banner ads should be:

Online banner advertising can increase brand awareness among consumers by as much as 300 percent!

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