Driven by Data
& Common Sense

We’re not afraid to look in the mirror. Campaign optimization is something we take seriously. That’s why we carefully track results and use powerful analytics tools to gain insights into what the campaign data is telling us.

Combined with a common sense approach, this methodology yields better advertising creative and higher conversion rates for your marketing campaigns. Knowing which dials to turn makes all the difference.

How We Work

We’re built to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Unlike traditional advertising agencies, we do not have static teams. We also don’t have a creative department and a marketing department located in different buildings – or different cities. We work in an integrated environment where everyone contributes ideas, and everyone has a voice.

You Have a Seat at the Table

At Green Dot, we don’t run everything through an Account Manager. Instead, you have access to a talented staff capable of interacting with clients directly. That means you can collaborate with the creatives and marketers working on your account to inspire a better outcome for your business.

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Workflow & Process

Advertising and marketing is a process. Design and development is followed by analysis and optimization. However the degree to which these efforts are successful depends on people, and their ability to collaborate.

At Green Dot, we are a team. Creatives and marketers work together during the design and development process of the digital platform and the ad creative. Then we huddle up to analyze and optimize active campaigns to improve results. Results that everyone owns.

Client Portal & Dashboards

Our clients like to know how their projects are progressing and how their campaigns are performing without having to wait for final mock-ups or monthly reports. That’s why as our client, you have access to the GD client project portal, as well as your campaign analytics dashboards and tracking tools. To follow your projects in real time and see the performance of your campaigns simply log in.

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